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Ender3 $199 USD Free Shipping

Super Printing size ,simple assembly but more stable performance. Additional power cut protection function , reasonable cost for the beginners.

$199 USD sale

CR-10S $499 USD Free Shipping

Printing quality better and more stable.CR-10S mainboard with filament monitor function.Ability to resume prints even after a power outage or lapse occurs.

$499 USD sale

CR10 S5 $849 USD Free Shipping

Large print size :500*500*500mm.Industrial-grade PCB can continuously print for 200 hours .Make Insanely Huge Prints on the Creality CR-10 S5!

$849 USD sale

China Creality3D Technology

As a 3D printing evangelist, our company always focus on not only the idea of professional, dedicated, innovative and quality,  But  the customer-oriented service concept. It continues to provide stable and high-quality products and considerate services. Making every effort to bring the benefits of technology to everyone.

CR-10S $499 USD


The Largest Print Size CR10 S5 $849 USD


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